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GamesAid is administered by Trustees, who operate on a fixed term basis. It is formally run by a Chairman, who is also on a fixed term.

The GamesAid trustees act as guardians of the charity, having oversight of the management, fund-raising and fund-allocation. While they cannot be literally representative of all areas of the games industry, our intention is to seek a wide spread of participants from all areas of the games industry.

There are to be a minimum of six Trustees, including the Chairman.

The Chairman operates in that role for a maximum of two years. He or she will first have served as a Trustee. After two years, the Chairman will step down. He or she may seek to become a Trustee again after one year.

The Deputy Chairman/Chairman Designate is to be decided by the Trustees.

New Trustees can be nominated by the membership. We actively encourage individuals from all sectors of the industry to get involved. The more the merrier as far as we are concerned, so get involved!

Trustees serve a maximum of three years before stepping down. The Trustees meet formally at least each quarter. Their role is unpaid, with no expenses claimable for these meetings.


Current trustees of GamesAid Started
Emily Britt (Chairman) – Pokemon Company 2013
Louise Fisher – Mastertronic 2012
David Smith – UKIE 2012
Andy Payne – Mastertronic 2012
John Houlihan – Future 2012
Rich Keith – Yogscast 2012
Ian Livingstone – gaming legend 2013
Terry Haynes – Hotgen 2013
Rich Keen – Sony 2014
Tracey McGarrigan – Green Man Gaming 2014


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