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LittleBigBunch 2 is go!

It’s the season for giving so why not salve your conscience and give your inner gamer a treat at the same time with littleBIGbunch2 a downloadable PC gaming collection for GamesAid, which allows gamers to pick up to five Indie games for just £6, €7.50 or just $10?

Head on over to now to grab your LittleBigBunch! Here’s the line-up of great games on offer:

Archon Classic

Dark Scavenger

Disciples II: Rise of the Elves Gold

Grotesque Tactics

Serious Sam The Random Encounter

Space Colony

Tofu 1&2

The Trouble with Robots

Unstoppable Gorg

Worms Reloaded

Ian Livingstone OBE, Life President of Eidos and GamesAid Trustee said, “Once again GamesAid has been overwhelmed by the incredible support we have received from indie games developers. littleBIGbunch only exists thanks to their generosity. This year we have a fantastic collection of games which we hope will appeal to gamers everywhere. Choose five great games from our selection and know that half your money is going to GamesAid and half to the amazing developers.”

What a bargain. Who said charity begins at home? Are you still here? Go fill your boots and do your good deed for Xmas with LittleBigBunch 2.