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2015 Charity Nominations open 17th Aug – Sign up now!

It’s that time of year already! After a RECORD year of fundraising in 2014, GamesAid is asking all members to turn their thoughts to which charities the organisation should support this year. And this means you! Any member of the UK Games Industry can become a member and then nominate a charity close to their heart.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Sign up to become a member or check that your current details work!
  • Find a charity that supports kids and young people in the UK
  • From August 17th to August 28th, you can nominate them via email by mailing [email protected]
  • From September 7th for one week, you can lobby all your industry buddies to support your charity by voting for them
  • On September 30th this year’s recipients will be announced at an event in London

But – right now the most important thing is to JOIN US here, it’s easy and takes less than a minute!

Why bother?

GamesAid is the UK Games Industry’s charity – it acts as an umbrella organisation, raising funds and then redistributing them to numerous small UK-based charities who support children and young people. In 2014 we supported seven charities – Accuro, Lifelites, Safe at Last, Special Effect, Action for Kids and MAPS.

These charities do a vast majority of work to help kids with all sorts of differing needs – from adapted equipment, to bereavement counselling, to community projects, to safe havens for runaways. Our support is essential to these charities.

  • Who shall we support this year? It’s up to you!
  • Nominations begin on the 17th of August
  • Do you know of a charity that you think should get a share of the money we’ve raised this year? If so, and as long as you are a GamesAid member, then you’ll be able to nominate them from August 17th to 28th via our website.

We will only support charities that fit within the following criteria:

  • The charity must support vulnerable, disabled and disadvantaged children and young people.
  • Make less than £5m per year.
  • Spend less than 30% on admin.

Vote for your charity of choice on the 7th of September
On the 7th of September, the charities that have been nominated by you will be revealed and you can then vote on which charity you believe deserves our support the most. Information about each charity and what they do will be provided for you so that you can make an informed decision.

Remember, you must be a member of GamesAid to nominate and vote and to be a member of GamesAid you must be a member of the UK games industry.

All of this will take less than five minutes for you to do and costs absolutely nothing, so come along and play your part and help a wealth of deserving causes!