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2016 Events Calendar

Welcome to a big year for GamesAid. This list will give you an overview of the great events lined up this 2016 where you can play your part and raise money for GamesAid.

There’s always room for plenty more! Email: [email protected], if you’d like to add your event or fundraiser to this list.



29th-31st : JamJar at the Global Game Jam
Look out for the #JamJar at this year’s Global Game Jam! It offers sweets to keep you jamming and in return it asks for a small donation towards GamesAid. Would like to get involved? Contact Rosa to find out how to set up your own JamJar.



3rd : MCV Tenner
Will you be at the MCV awards? Don’t forget to bring a tenner and put it in the envelope.

11th: Disney Charity Screening
A fun family night out with popcorn and laughter. This year Disney will be screening new family-hit Zootopolis all for GamesAid.



1st-10th : London Games Festival
Things are a-brewing. Keep an eye out for GamesAid at the London Games Festival.

24th : London Marathon
Our swift Cat will be running 42.2km (26.2 miles) for GamesAid. Make sure to give her love, support, and a refreshing drink.



9th : Stand Up for GamesAid
This priceless standup comedy night sold out last year. Don’t miss it this year! We are gathering together a knee-slapping line-up.

18th : GamesAid Cricket
SEGA are organising a day of cricket and sunshine at London’s Kew Gardens.

21st-22nd : Tough Mudder
The tough, tough Midlife Gamers will be taking on the tough, tough, mud-filled obstacle course for GamesAid. Wish them luck!

25th : Guildford Games Night
It’s time to settle which Guildford Studio is the best! Supermassive games are hosting another night full of serious gaming, serious drinking and serious fun.



24th : Gamerbake and GamesAid present the Charity Bake Sale
There will be board games, there will be fundraising and there will be cake! Come bring your baked goods to Loading Bar in Dalston for some charity fundraising for GamesAid. Reserve your spot!



12th: Poker Night
Think you can take on the smoky mood of a poker game? Lay down your stake at the casino during Develop: Brighton and get ready for some intense poker action.

14th : Golf and Spa Day
Relax at the luxurious Grove in Watford, take a dip and swing some golf clubs at the finest golf course in Europe.



9th : GamesCom Bike Ride
Every year brave games industry execs cycle frrom Gamescom in Cologne to Brighton on a four-day fundraising expedition. This year they are getting ready for another muscle grinding adventure.

26th-29th : Game-O-Rama
Join in on a weekend of games streaming. More info to come!



8th : 12 Hour Cyclothon
Two teams for the energetic SEGA will be racing for 12 intense hours. Give them some support and love.



18th: Golden Joysticks Tenner
Don’t forget to bring your tenner to the Golden Joysticks!

21st: eSports Industry Awards 2016
Showcasing the best of the best in the eSports business, this year’s eSports Industry Awards will be held at The Brewery, London!

23rd-24th: Future Games Summit 2016
The brand new conference makes its way to the Millenium Mayfair Hotel in London, and we’ll be partnered up with the folk over at NewBay Media for this exciting new event!


6th: Games Industry Christmas Party
Get ready for fun at festivities at this years annual Games Industry Christmas Party. Tickets are £10, and NewBay Media will be donating all proceeds to GamesAid!