Members Area



There are multiple ways that your company can become a partner of GamesAid.

  1. Put on or sponsor an event that raises money for GamesAid.
  2. Provide “unavailable in the shops” merchandise/POS/items for GamesAid to sell on Ebay.
  3. Provide GamesAid a useful service for no cost.
  4. Make a fair corporate donation to GamesAid.
  5. Come up with something else – we are open to all ideas!

As a GamesAid partner, we would expect you to promote GamesAid to your UK based staff to encourage them to become personal members. This entitles them to help decide which charities GamesAid should be supporting with the monies raised.

In return, your hyperlinked company logo will be added to the official GamesAid partners page on this website, your company name will feature on the GamesAid Facebook page, and you will be provided with a “partner of GamesAid” logo which can be used on any websites related to your company.

For more information on partnership, or any of the above listed ways to become a partner, please email [email protected]