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Cat Channon completes her year of madness

Although 2012 is not over and Miss Channon is more than capable of coming up with some other self inflicted challenge, we are delighted to say that after running a marathon, leading the Cologne to Brighton cycle trek and attempting to swim from Gibraltar to Morocco, Cat has completed her 2012 list of challenges and raised over £5,000, a truly staggering achievement. .

Having met many of the beneficiaries of GamesAid’s funding there’s no physical feat on earth that could compare to their daily efforts to make the world a better place.

We at GamesAid salute Cat’s amazing determination and drive. We are also pleased that she has managed all this and kept fit, safe and healthy. We have no idea what will be dreamt up next by Miss Channon, but we suspect it will be epic.

You can still sponsor Cat for her running, cycling, swimming year of madness here