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Digital For Good has an incredible first week!

GamesAid’s Digital For Good initiative is only one week old and has already raised $14,700 for charity! The Initiative allows game developers and publishers to donate DLC to GamesAid via Steam, for a fixed time or in perpetuity, so that the sale proceeds can be used to support our charities.

The initiative was launched on Wednesday the 10th May in partnership with Brightrock Games, who donated the Cynical Imp Charity DLC for the popular Dungeon management game War For The Overworld. The amazing success of the initiatives first DLC has opened the way for more collaborations with other companies in the future.

We hope that many more game developers and producers will choose to donate content to GamesAid via Digital For Good; and use awesome games to help to improve the lives of disabled and disadvantaged children and young people all over the UK.

Check out the Cynical Imp Charity DLC here!