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How do we raise money?

If you have an idea for a fund raising event and would like to work with GamesAid, please contact us.

There is no minimum and certainly no maximum to the amount of money our members have to raise. We want to encourage all kinds of activities and the Trustee’s are here to enable events, raise awareness and help ensure success.

We have had people bake cakes, sail the Atlantic, run, cycle, swim, play football, cricket, darts, pool, sing, offer sponsorship, create games packs to be sold and donate games stuff to our ebay shop.

Got an idea, get in touch! We welcome all the help that people both within the industry and outside of it are prepared to give us.

Also, it is not just about money, people can donate expertise to the supported charities from helping them create corporate videos, learn skills on social media and PR as well as simply getting involved and helping out with activity days!

We want you to know what we do

GamesAid will publish an end of year report. This will detail funds (all events and how much was raised); costs; donations (which charities were supported and for how much; also details of continuing obligations, if any); retention; and Trustees (who they are, when they were appointed).

GamesAid is committed to ensuring complete transparency in its decision-making, cost structure and to producing regular public updates on its activities.

Above all, GamesAid seeks to engage with everyone interested in video games who want to help those less fortunate than themselves and we will go out of our way to seek creative and rewarding ways of doing this.

Funding Flow Chart