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Games Journalism Award raises funds for GamesAid

Despite being prone to the occasional furore and the odd bout of navel gazing introspection, it’s all too easy to forget that the UK games industry is also blessed with some truly exceptionally  talented writers.

To celebrate the very best of British gaming journalism,  freelance doyen Dan Griliopoulos  and the Guardian’s Keith Stuart have set up a brand new Games Journalism Award to recognise the industry’s most gifted wordsmiths.

The Award launches tonight, Wednesday 29th May, with a special event at BAFTA where Griliopoulos  and Stuart will be joined by ex-GameSpot UK editor Guy Cocker, editor-at-large for Gamasutra Leigh Alexander, Rock Paper Shotgun’s Kieron Gillen and Official Xbox 360 magazine editor Jon Hicks.

All will be taking part in an in-depth discussion on the current state of games journalism as well as awarding the inaugural Games Journalism prize.

Griliopoulos  and Stuart have also produced a PDF eBook featuring the very best entries which were nominated for the award and you’ll be able to download a copy, with all proceeds from the sale generously being donated to GamesAid.

It’s a perfect opportunity to enjoy some of the very best writing the games industry produces as well as make a donation to some very worthy causes. To download your copy simply head on over to the Games Journalism Prize site, donate, download,  read, enjoy and reflect on some of the finest writing the UK industry has to offer.