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GamesAid attends Autistica event in London

Yesterday, we had the great honor of attending the Cavalry & Guards Club in London for a fantastic event organized by Autistica with the purpose of raising more awareness about autism. During the lovely evening, different people talked about their personal experiences with autism. The speakers were stating the importance of maintaining the research into improving the lives of people who suffer from the condition as well as encouraging more empathy in our society for normalizing the condition. 

The introductory speech was given by Gill Ackers, who addressed the big impact that organizations such as Autistica have in society. Next, Helen Needham gave a passionate statement about how being diagnosed as autistic has not only changed her life, but also how this was the key spark she needed for success, as she grew to understand and know herself better. Lastly, the CEO of Autistica Jon Spiers closed the session thanking all the attendees.  

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Autism changes the way people communicate and experience the world around them and every autistic person is different. Some are able to learn, live and work independently but many have learning differences or recurring health conditions that require specialist support. The integration of these people in our society is vital as well as giving them the necessary support and help for letting them to live successful and happy lives. Autistica contributes enormously to it, not only by spreading the word about the different aspects of the austitic condition, but also raising funds that allow them to reach more people each time. 


If you want to inform yourself about the different activities ran by Autistica, you can check their website here.