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GamesAid Carry-Over Charities Q&A


1. Why are you introducing this? 

For many years the games industry has helped raise money for GamesAid without a clear picture on where those funds were going but based on the trust in our due diligence process that the charities would be worthy.

As the industry has become ever more active with GamesAid and the charities its supports, the profiles of some charities has been raised and we have regularly found ourselves being asked if particular charities will be in receipt of funds. To create a more transparent process three charities each year will be named to be carried over and guaranteed funds for the following year. This process does not change the due diligence criteria that they or any other charity will need to go through. It also doesn’t negate any other charity not named from receiving funds, provided it is successful in both the due diligence and voting process.


2. How did you select the three charities this year?

Charities were selected through a combination of the volume of votes and consultation.


3. If I’m raising money for GamesAid can I now suggest which of the carry over charities receive that money? 

No. The money raised will be distributed equally between both the named and voted for charities.


4. How can I apply to be a carry-over charity in 2019? 

Becoming a carry over charity is linked to the voting process, as in previous years increasing the volume of votes your charities receive from the industry, increases its chance of receiving funds.


5. Will the carry over charities still be part of the voting process in 2019?  

The named charities will receive funds automatically in 2019, assuming the still meet the due diligence criteria.


6. How does this impact charities who aren’t carried over? 

Giving the greater visibility the industry is asking for on who will receive funds in the year ahead will help continue the positive momentum within the industry and aid fundraising for GamesAid. This benefit all charities. The change in process will also heighten the profiles of the other charities which GamesAid supports with members during voting.


7. What happens if a named charity is subject to change during the year that they have been rolled over for? 

All charities including those that are to be named will need to meet the due diligence criteria before they receive funds.