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GamesAid charity nominations 2013 open!

GamesAid has opened nominations for members to put forward the charities they would like to see supported with funds raised during 2013.

This year nominations  should be submitted by email via  [email protected]. Please see the instructions below for full details on how you can nominate your favourite charities to be supported by GamesAid this year.

Stuart Dinsey, Chairman of GamesAid, said: “GamesAid has a record of supporting smaller UK-based  charities with a focus on children and young adults. Every year the GamesAid members will decide who their charity will support this year. Our due diligence process will shortlist suitable charities which can clearly demonstrate how and where the donated funds will be spent, ensuring the money that GamesAid grants generates the maximum benefit for their particular supported cause.”

Membership of GamesAid is open to all members of the games industry and all candidates can apply on this site at

GamesAid will keep the nominations window open until 23.59 on Friday 16th of August and after  a process of due diligence,  nominated charities will go forward for final selection by member vote to get an equal share of the monies raised in 2013.

Nominations Process 2013

 In order for your nomination to be successful, please make sure you read the following checklist carefully and include all required information.

This is to ensure the process is fair and that GamesAid is able to perform due diligence for all nominations. Please review your nomination carefully before submitting otherwise it may not be accepted.

All nominations should be submitted via [email protected]

Please include

1) Your name, job title and the company you work for.

2) The name of your nominated Charity and its website details.

3)  Nominations should be UK-based  smaller charities, focused on children and young adults, with a turnover of no more than £5m annually, with no more than 30% of turnover spent on administration costs.

4) Please note that for some smaller and newer charities, their cost percentage may be higher, and in these cases the trustees will perform extra due diligence to see if the charity nominated can still be put through to the voting stage.

5) Please include a charity number which can be found here: (this is important for due diligence).
6) You should also briefly, outline the reasons you’re nominating your chosen charity (200 words max).

7) Please include your GamesAid User name (if you have it)

8) Also include the email address associated with your GamesAid membership account (if different from the one you’re sending the nomination from).

9) Lost/forgotten passwords can be retrieved via the login process  here.  If you are unable to remember/retrieve your user name, mail [email protected] with ‘ Lost User Name’ as the subject line.

Once the nomination period is closed, GamesAid will carry out a series of checks on each of the nominated charities as per the criteria listed above. If a charity passes through the due diligence stage, then it will be listed in the final poll of eligible charities for GamesAid’s support. The members will each be able to cast one vote for the charity of their choice and charities which gain the most votes will get an equal share of the monies raised in 2013.