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GamesAid charity voting process 2014

It’s the summer – famous as the silly season – but this is the time when things get really serious for GamesAid. All year round our amazing Members, friends and supporters raise funds though a plethora of activities. Then, each summer the organisation’s thoughts turn to how these sums will be allocated to a number of charities who support children and young people in the UK.

These decisions are not taken by an anonymous group of Trustees, but through a democratic process involving all of GamesAid’s participating Members. And that means you!

There are two stages to this process – Nominations and Voting – and here is how it works:

Nominations: Opens August 4th – August 18th
All Members have the right to nominate, including brand new members who can sign up here:
From August 4th – 18th Members are invited to nominate charities close to their hearts using this email address: [email protected]

To be eligible charities should help disadvantaged and disabled children and young people. They should turnover less than £5M annually and have administrative costs of less than 30%.*

Voting: Opens September 1st – 8th
For just one week – from September 1st – 8th all GamesAid Members are encouraged to vote for the charity they most believe in amongst the nominated charities. (NB –to be eligible to join GamesAid and vote Members must work in the UK games industry)

The five charities receiving the most votes will receive one fifth each of the total funds raised this year. The whole process takes less than five minutes!

Why support GamesAid?
In 2013 the Industry raised an impressive £260,000 in total and the five supported charities received £52,000 each. That money has changed and transformed lives throughout the year. The charities chosen in 2013 were LifeLites, Special Effect, Action for Kids, MAPS, Safe at Last. They can be seen talking about their experiences in the Story of GamesAid movie here.

2014 has been GamesAid’s most successful year since the charity was established in 2007, and as a democratic organisation, it’s the Members who decide how these significant funds will be allocated.

GamesAid Members belong to an interactive entertainment industry that is one of the biggest in the world. The UK boasts 48 of the world’s most profitable games studios, and employs a highly talented group of individuals: 80% of UK based videogames workers are educated to degree level, compared with 24% of the UK working age population.

Membership of GamesAid and involvement in the 2014 ballot is a simple way of this important UK business sector giving something back to the community. By voting Members can help allocate significant funds to disadvantaged and disabled children and young people in the UK: It’s Your Industry, Your Charity, Your Decision.


For more information about criteria for a charity’s possible eligibility download the GamesAid blueprint:

To find out the turnover and administrative costs of a charity for consideration search on the Charity Commission’s website:

The process of putting charities forward to the voting stage is taken extremely seriously and a process of due diligence will take place between August 18th and September 1st. No charity is put forward for voting without passing the due diligence process.