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GamesAid Fundraiser Recognised as Local Hero

Teresa Martucci, from our supported charity MAPS mentoring, wins Sutton Community Award in the Improving Lives category.



Teresa was honoured for her outstanding service supporting children and young people at Sutton this 24th February. She has been changing lives as a volunteer mentor at MAPS for over 10 years, helping an abundance of young people through some very difficult and dark times.

MAPS is an award winning early intervention programme supporting vulnerable children and young people with complex life circumstances to achieve their full potential in the London Borough of Sutton. They provide dedicated mentors who deliver uniquely tailored support to young people in need.

As one of the mentors, Teresa has been helping some of the most vulnerable and marginalised children and young people going through difficulties. A trusted person, hand holder, listening ear and shoulder to cry on for so many young people.



“Thanks to GamesAid we are on that path to support more desperate young people,” our charity tells us. Essentially, to save lives.

Katie is 15 years old and has a history of self harm. Living with domestic violence and controlling behaviour by her mum’s partner, she approached MAPS when terrified to go home. Katie expressed how she wished she wasn’t here. When asked what she meant she revealed she had thought about killing herself and had a plan to do it.

Through GamesAid funding, MAPS provided Katie with the support and additional help she needed. They maintained a space and time to unpack life, developing a positive and trusting relationship in which to share her darkest and most desperate moments.

It was a long road but thanks to everyone’s effort, Katie and her mum were moved to a place of safety. Katie has since passed her GCSE’s and enrolled in college. She is enjoying her life. With new friends and life in college, she can and is looking forward to her future.


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GamesAid is proud to be supporting Teresa’s inspirational work and her unrelenting devotion to charitable endeavours at MAPS. We owe her a big thank you for not only her award winning community effort but also for always being up for crazy fundraising. Last year she hung off the side of the ArcelorMittal Orbit to raise money for GamesAid!

Help continue to support life-saving mentors by becoming a member of GamesAid or – if hanging off the side of tall structures doesn’t sound like your cup of tea – you can text GAID16 £5 to 70070 to donate £5.