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GamesAid Launches New Carry-Over Charity Process

Following on from this year’s voting, GamesAid are launching a new process to offer beneficiary charities with the highest number of votes from 2016/17, the opportunity to become one of GamesAid’s 2018/19 named charities. In previous years, GamesAid has struggled to raise money from some people and organisations as they don’t know where the money will go. With three named charities, this will be much clearer.  This would mean that the carry-over charities are able to shortcut the voting process and guarantee a share of the next fund. This offer was in exchange for a higher level of mutually beneficial coverage for the run up to the next vote.

The top three charities who accept this offer, will automatically receive an equal share of the 2018/19 GamesAid fund without the use of having to get votes. However, charities will still need to be compliant with GamesAid’s nomination criteria when voting opens in 2018/19.

The Clock Tower Sanctuary, Autistica and Access Sport have been selected to become GamesAid’s carry-over charities for this year. Receiving the highest number of votes and guaranteed an equal share of funds, will enable all three charities to continue to provide vital support for disadvantaged and disabled children and youth by; preventing more vulnerable young people from becoming homeless, providing more frequent opportunities to get involved and improve well-being in sport or using science-based apps and assistive technology to help manage disabilities to continue improving the lives of those affected by autism.

Those that become carry over charities in 2018/19, will need to generate votes again the following year (2019/2020).

For more information about GamesAid’s Carry-Over Charity Process, check out the link below.

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