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GamesAid stories: Aslan and Access Sport

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Access Sport, based in London, is one of the charities that we are supporting this year and they help thousands of vulnerable children and young people through sports activities with a strong emphasis on young disabled people. The charity works all over the UK developing successful community sports-clubs and creating role model young leader champions.

Aslan is one of the children supported by Access Sport:

Aslan was getting into trouble at school, due to his ADHD and was lacking an outlet to channel his energy. Aslan felt like he wasn’t very good at anything and was struggling with low self-esteem. Access Sport ran a Bike Maintenance course for young people in Hammersmith which he attended and excelled at. The course was designed to create a youth development pathway for young people in the local area who have been excluded from education, giving them the opportunity to learn a new skill and to provide alternative qualifications to improve their employability and life prospects.


“I would love to work in a bike shop – fixing other peoples’ bikes all the time would be great”


After the course, Aslan has begun using the skills he had learnt, and the bike mechanic kit he was given, to fix his friends’ bikes. This course, finding something he is good at and somewhere he feels he belongs, has allowed him to thrive, giving him the confidence to pursue his passion and aim for a future in BMX. He has so far involved himself in all that his local BMX club has to offer, including now racing for the club in the BMX London Series which has meant committing to the competitive training schedule for most of his free time. Any time not spent on the track he has spent volunteering as an assistant coach for the club’s disability sessions. The coaches have noted how valuable his assistance is and how much his behaviour has changed, to the point where he now holds a position of responsibility within the club.

To know more about this amazing charity and the work they do, have a look at their website page here.