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GamesAid’s Mental Health Game Jam – Part I

Our Mental Health Game Jam took place during the last weeks of February and we were very surprised by the positive answers we got about the initiative in our social media channels. As you may know, our initial plans were to host a showcase with a couple of games shortlisted during the London Games Festival, but we weren’t able to make it due to the coronavirus crisis. 

The work that everyone did was fantastic and we really wanted to support these game developers and to show their pieces to the public. In this entry you can find 10 of the 23 entries that were submitted to our game jam with a little description along with the video that Jupiter Hadley recorded showing some of the games. We’ll publish the second part of this article with the rest of the games shortly. 


 Say Hello! 

Say Hello! By Digital Monster Collective is a game about greeting people and unlocking nice memories. 


You are on the bus

You are on the bus by kai et al is an experience about living with a mental illness. In the own words of the creator: 

“This is based off of my personal experience living with mental illness. Everyone’s experiences are different, and not all are shown the same way. Hopefully this game helps others experience the kinds of things I do.” 



Nitelite by Skybeargames is an interactive story that explores loneliness, stress and misery of caring for someone at the end of their life, while also dealing with one’s own addictions, mood and health. 


“This is a therapeutic exercise for me, as it is based on what I know of how someone close to me died, and is a way of me dealing with the trauma of that experience. It is not 100% true though, simply inspired by what happened. To tell the whole truth would be a breach of privacy to a man who was very private in his life. But with him gone, my family and I are left to deal with what was left behind, all the things that he hid from us, and all the things we never got to experience with him because he’s gone now.”


“Please, treasure the people in your life.”


Lovely Garden

Lovely Garden by Magry Valentin is a meditative game about taking care of a plant every day and seeing the results of your efforts. 



Beast by multiclassmaps is an experience about making choices for balancing your energy and mental health while living with “your beast”. 



Outside by Alba Mercadé and Borja Urquidi is an experience about agoraphobia. 



Well by Alyssa Payne is a game about listening to other people’s stories and struggles.



In Brain-Cellent! by Rocket Raw you are a game developer and you need to take care of yourself! Sleep, eat, socialize and shower to avoid bad habits and bad mood. 



“You have an orb and you need it to live. What will others do to your orb?” Orb by Lolon is an experience about trauma and personal development.  


Snack or meal

Snack or meal by Idlybond is a game about feeding your friends. Food is important! 

Find the rest of the collection here