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GamesAid’s Xmas single is go!

After a momentous year for the Games Industry, which recently saw the launch of two major new consoles, members of the UK-based industry choir Games On Song are announcing one more major launch this Christmas; a double A sided Christmas single Games for Good.

Games for Good is the first ever single to come from the choir of games industry insiders who formed originally in 2012 to perform a Christmas concert and have to date raised over £15,000 for the charity, GamesAid. The double-A side is set to launch on December 18th , with all proceeds going directly to youth and children’s charities in the UK via the same charity, GamesAid.

The single features people behind legendary franchises such as Tomb Raider, Assassin’s Creed, and Sonic the Hedgehog, singing the classic Christmas songs‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’ and ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas.’

“2013 has been a busy year for my colleagues throughout the Games Industry,” commented Andy Payne, GamesAid Trustee and inaugural choir member, “so it’s great that so many people donated their time and talents free of charge to pull this single together. There are several achievements we could unlock with this venture – 10 000 sales and we’d make the top 20. 30 000 and we’d make the top ten, and 100 000 might take us to the top spot: so, let’s see what we can do in time for Christmas! Of course the main thing is that every 99p counts and will go to support children and young people across the UK.”

The single was produced by Richard Jacques, the multi-award winning composer for video games, film and television whose scoring credits include both critically acclaimed and blockbuster franchises such as James Bond 007: BLOOD STONE (Activision), Mass Effect (BioWare), and Little Big Planet 2 (Sony). Richard is internationally recognised as one of the A-list composers in interactive entertainment.

The double-A side was recorded at Alchemea Studios in London, who like Richard Jacques, gave their time and space for free to support the production of Games for Good. Also donating time and talent to this extremely good cause were Liquid Crimson, an audio-visual collective who was called upon to film the recording of the single, and produce a ‘Making of …’ video.

Ian Chambers, Musical Director of Games On Song said “It was fantastic to bring the Games On Song team back together for Christmas, and we had a blast recording with Richard. It’s all about raising money for GamesAid and some tremendous charities that directly improve the lives of children and young people. We’re hoping that the gaming community will come together and help support this wonderful cause.”

The Games On Song single, Games for Good is available from iTunes for 99p/EUR/USD.


GamesAid Games On Song Choir Members include:

·         Ian Livingstone, Sophie Cristobal, John Clark, Charlotte Fraczek, Rich Keen, Becca Roberts, Keith Ramsdale, Rob Cooper, Alan Dykes, Kirsty Payne, Bruce Grove, Ombelline Wallon, Mark Faulkner, Tracey McGarrigan, Andy Payne, Rachel Binns, Chris Marcus, Harry Holmwood, Paul Marcantonio, Peter Gothard, Phil Brannelly, Jo Twist, Katie Brooks. The choir was conducted by Ian Chambers.

·         The choir formed last year for a sold-out concert in London that raised over £12,500 for the UK games industry charity, Games Aid – which supports a number of charities who help disadvantaged and disabled young people, including Action for Kids, Special Effect, MAPs, Lifelites and [email protected] .

Additional Credits: 

·         Jason Lord and Linda Clinker, Liquid Crimson:
·         Alchemea Studios:
·         Richard Jacques:

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How to pre-order:
Searching the iTunes store for the following key words:
·         Album – Games for Good
·         Singles – ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’ and ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas
·         Artist – Games On Song

Games On Song Movie: 
·         For more information about Games On Song check out Liquid Crimson’s Making Of video: