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Thank you to the companies for their participation and great donations

Gang in a Van by Games Aid

Are you a representative of a games business based near London or Surrey? Do you have merchandise, games or other items in your office that you need to clear out? And do you want those items to be used to contribute to a great cause?

Gang in a Van by Games Aid is here to help. The co-chair and ops co-ordinator of Games Aid will be hopping in a van in early March to collect from you.

All the items that you donate to us will be used in our efforts to fundraise for fantastic children's charities based across the UK - and backed by the games industry in a democratic vote - through prize draws, online sales and other means.

So what are you waiting for? Drop our ops co-ordinator Gina Lourenco an email at if you'd like us to visit and we'll see you on 3rd March.


London and Surrey

Thursday 3rd March 2022

Gang in a Van for Games Aid

Join us and help raise money for great charities across the UK by donating to Games Aid. Contact us to donate merchandise, swag and games for charity.

Thank you for the fantastic donations.
Big thank you to:
- Rocksteady
- Curve Games
- Bethesda
- Playstation
- Sold Out
- Disney
- TCC Foundation
- EA/Criterion
- Supermassive Games
- Ubisoft

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