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Help support GamesAid in your #GamesAidMinute

Want to help GamesAid raise more money for its charities?

The games industry charity, which supports disadvantaged young people in the UK, is asking for a just a minute of your time once a week (say; 3:47pm every Thursday) to help GamesAid change lives.

The #GamesAid minute can range simple from retweeting one of our messages, to beginning plans to run your very own GamesAid event. It all helps and all makes a difference.

Potential things to do with your #GamesAidMinute includes:

  • Retweeting/ Post Sharing
  • Encouraging Membership
  • Buying some sweets for a ‘pay what you like’ tub
  • Talking to someone at your company about a game/item/DLC for a bundle
  • Collecting up game memorabilia for GamesAid to sell
  • Buying a ticket for a GamesAid event
  • Organising a sponsored event/ thinking about doing a GamesAid event

Your support can make all the difference to the charities that GamesAid supports. This is what your minute could help us do:

  • Your minute could help Solving Kids Cancer, who support children and families affected by neuroblastoma, to develop new and innovative treatments and run public fundraising campaigns to raise the cost of travelling to access further treatments abroad.
  • Your minute will help progress in initiatives and therapies offered by the likes of Autistica (which helps improves lives of those with autism) and Lifelites (which supports young people with life-limiting and life-threatening conditions).
  • Your minute could help Everyone can in developing apps and assistive technology that can improve the lives of disabled young people.
  • Your minute will help the likes of Access Sport in providing more frequent opportunities in sport for disadvantaged children to get involved and improve their health and wellbeing.
  • Your minute will enable charities like The Clock Tower Sanctuary to provide vital support for those who are in desperate need of a home and a job.
  • Your minute could enable my AFK to provide mobility equipment for the disabled and prepare students with learning difficulties for life after school through work experience programmes, education and training.
  • And your minute might even able Accuro and Special Effect to develop even more services and technologies designed to improve the lives of young people with physical disabilities.

Share how you have helped make a difference using the #GamesAidMinute on social media. Make sure to tell us via @GamesAid.

Make sure you set a weekly reminder for your #GamesAidMinute too!