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Introducing our 2017 supported charities


Voting is over and the results are in! We are very happy to announce that this year we will be supporting eight charities with an amazing £69,729 each!

The selected charities were given their cheques last week in a ceremony held at Warner House, London. Members of the games industry raised £557,839 over the last year and, through these charities, every penny will go towards helping disadvantaged and disabled children across the UK

Our 2017 charities, voted for by our members, are:

Visit the Accuro website

Established, experienced, independent, local charity providing range of innovative services for local children/adults with a disability and their families. Each of the 8 services currently provided was developed in consultation with prospective beneficiaries and is designed specifically to meet a distinct need. We continually monitor and evaluate our services, in particular seeking feedback from service users, to adapt and develop our services in response to this feedback and to the changing needs of those who access them. Services are delivered in ways that respect people with a disability, encourage independence and promote a positive image of people with a disability.


Visit the Aidis Trust website

Aidis Trust helps children with physical and learning disabilities to benefit from technology. We have done this since 1975, helping thousands of children across the UK.

Our “Everyone Can Game” service adapts computers to help disabled children to get together to play videogames and have fun.

We visit disabled children who struggle to socially integrate, helping them to become an active part of a group and form friendships through gaming.

We find fun games that suit children with varying levels of learning and physical disability.

With GamesAid’s support, our small charity can continue this hugely popular service and help even more children.


Visit the Autistica website

What if your child’s life was achingly different to that of other children?

With no government funding and £6 invested per child every year, autistic children have become one of the most vulnerable groups in our society by every measure: education, quality of life, employment and, tragically, many will never see their 40th birthday. Research has the power to transform their life chances, that’s where Autistica comes in.

We are the leading national charity for autism research. Our work is entirely defined by the families who live with autism every day and targets the areas they say would make the biggest difference to their children’s lives.

Visit the The Clock Tower Sanctuary website

Clock Tower Sanctuary is Brighton and Hove’s only day centre providing all-round support for homeless young people aged 16-25.

The loneliness and fear of homelessness has a disastrous impact on mental and physical health. We intervene early to give hundreds of vulnerable young people the chance to find a home, upskill and get a job.

Our Crisis Support helps young people with their immediate needs (e.g food, showers, medical support) and our Move-On Support helps them unlock their potential (e.g. life skills courses, interactive activities, 121 case working).

Your vote could save a young person from life on the streets.

Visit the Lifelites website

Lifelites is the only charity dedicated to donating and maintaining specialist inclusive and assistive technologies to help terminally ill and disabled children in every hospice in the British Isles.  Thanks to Lifelites these children, irrespective of their disabilities, are able to play, be creative, communicate and control something for themselves.  Lifelites provides a package of equipment and services worth £50,000 to every hospice every four years. The package includes technical support, equipment maintenance and staff training, to ensure that the staff can use to its full potential with the children they care for, and it doesn’t cost them a penny.

Visit the Over The Wall website

Over the Wall provides free-of-charge residential activity camps throughout the UK.

We cater each year for hundreds of children with life-limiting illnesses who are socially isolated, lonely, lacking in confidence and self-esteem. Through a deliberate programme of activities that reinforce positivity and are at the same time fun, inclusive and a little bit crazy, we transform their lives.

‘You’ve saved our family and given us our daughter back’ (Jo – Parent).

‘Outstanding’ – (Ofsted)

We plan to build a UK facility accessible to EVERY children’s charity and a second in VR, for children confined to hospital or at home by their illness.

Visit the Solving Kids Cancer website

Solving Kids’ Cancer is working to defeat neuroblastoma – an aggressive childhood cancer – and to support the families fighting it. Neuroblastoma mostly affects babies and toddlers and takes a life every 10 days in the UK. We are working to save children’s lives by funding clinical trials, enabling access to potential new treatments whilst advancing science to find a cure for future generations. We also provide information and support to families throughout their journeys to help them deal with the unique and complex challenges the disease presents.

Visit the Special Effect website

SpecialEffect is the only specialist UK-based charity dedicated to helping ALL people with disabilities enjoy video games – from people who have suffered accidents and strokes to young disabled people who can’t play any other way, whether they are in a hospital, hospice, rehabilitation centre or at home. Their team not only provides games access assessments and loans but they’re also changing the way the whole WORLD plays through collaboration with developers.

Their rapidly expanding reputation has meant an ever-growing demand for their services including loaning cutting edge control technology such as gaze-controlled computers, worth several thousands of pounds.