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Every year, GamesAid members vote for which charities will support, receiving an equal share of money raised by the games industry. In 2019 we are providing 8 fantastic charities with £21,600 each.

If you are a member of GamesAid, you can nominate a charity to receive our support for the next year.

To nominate a charity for GamesAid funding, you must go through our nomination and voting process.


To nominate a charity please fill out this form and send it to [email protected] Each charity is assessed on the following criteria:

1. You must be a UK charity supporting young, vulnerable and disadvantaged youth.
2. You must have a turnover of less than £5 million.
3. You must spend less than 30% on admin.

A member of GamesAid must propose the nomination. If you represent a charity, you should contact a GamesAid member directly.

After COVID-19 crisis, we are not sure about how are we going to handle this year’s nominations. If you are interested in taking part of them and want more information once we have it, register your interest sending us an email to [email protected].


If your charity is successful in the nomination process, GamesAid members will be able to vote for you during the voting period. The charities that receive the highest number of votes in line with GamesAid’s voting processes for the year will receive grants. It is therefore recommended that each charity invests time in gaining support from GamesAid members.