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Midlife Gamer – Pile Of Win

Midlife Gamer are at it agian and will be rasing money for GamesAid at this year’s Eurogaemr Expo.  As well as holding a charity evening again this year they will also be running an a week long fundraiser for those unable to attend the Expo called Pile of Win.

The Pile of Win has a simple goal: to clear at least one title from you pile of shame and to raise some money and some smiles by doing so.

To be recognised as a Pile of Win participant you must play a game from your pile of shame – or more than one game – and raise a minimum of £5 for GamesAid.

you are encouraged to film yourself playing or post pictures, post on the official forum thread, live stream, or whatever takes your fancy. for more information and to take part visit their JustGiving Page.