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The Neighbourhood Jam – First impressions

A couple of days ago we finished our Neighbourhood Jam, a game jam we’ve been organizing along with the fantastic Erin Harrison for a total of two weeks. The goal of the game jam was encouraging to make games around mental health, self-care and education while we raised funds for our charities and for Turn2Us, an organisation focused on tackle homelessness in the UK.

Thanks to all the people that got a ticket through Eventbrite we raised a total of £1263!

We also had on board our amazing sponsors: Neonhive and Future Friends, which helped us enormously for making this game jam happen.

And we can’t forget either about the breathtaking talent team that have been supporting us all this time:


Nida Ahmad



Caiomhe Roddy

Jupiter Hadley


They are also having a look at all the games that have been submitted to the game jam, a total of 15 entries! In the next couple of weeks we’ll be posting their testimonies. Have a look at the first ones by Elizabeth Simoens, who apart from being a supporter made a game leading a team of 14 people, and by Jupiter Hadley, who’s been incredible and even recorded one of her fantastic game jam videos for us!


Elizabeth Simoens “Ziz”

So I wanted to make a game for the Neighbourhood Jam and initially, it was just going to be me and my husband (@benjamin_sabin) working on it. But we ended up creating a small little community of experts and having a team of 14 people! It was like we created our own little creative neighbourhood. It was lovely to visit the art channels and see them excitedly sharing their work and discussing round birbs. Or go to the audio area where our three composers, the sound designer, the performance director and our VO artist where chatting away happily about the best way to make our players feel cozy! Now that it’s over, we’ve decided to keep the discord channel going, it was just such a nice place to be and none of us are ready to leave.

(thanks to all these amazing people Maya Engel, Luke Perkin, Luci Holland, Chess Pearson, Natalie Winter, Wilfried Nass, Natalie Chisholm, Lauren Middleton, Ben Sabin, Dan Rouse, Leda Chung, Laura De Stefani- it’s also on the itchio page)


Jupiter Hadley

The Neighbourhood Jam has a bunch of really high quality games that range from stories around the pandemic to simplistic puzzles and relaxing idea games, which means there is a lot of fun to be played through this range. The games industry, especially lately, has been working hard to do it’s part in helping the world – and game jams like this help raise awareness as well as funds for important charities, which further help our world. Seeing games be used for good and being able to play relaxing games for a good cause is always something I love seeing and supporting. Soft Underbelly, a conversation about a little cat sitting in your lap, really touched me. My cat sits in my lap while I work, careless, unaware. This cat is a bit more adventurous than mine, but I really related to the conversation within the game. I also love the way Chill Tweets to Nest Too is presented, as a sort of beautifully written and voiced chapter book about birds and what we can learn from them. The jam really does have a bunch of gems, well worth a look!