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29 Sept 2022

GamesAid to host first ever Fundraising Gala this November

A special night dedicated to celebrating the hard work done by UK games industry charity fundraisers

It takes place Wednesday 30 November in Central London

23 Sept 2022

GamesAid Go Karting Championship raises £11,000

Kwalee emerge victorious from this year’s games industry Go Karting Tournament

1 Jul 2022

The GamesAid's members have now voted on six fantastic charities this year 2022/2023

GamesAid Selection Process - members back AFK, Autistica Play, Lifelites, Solving Kids Cancer, The Clock Tower Sanctuary and Winston’s Wish for 2022/2023

31 May 2022

Games Aid Charity Selection process - 12 charities proceed to member vote

We’re pleased to announce the charities that Games Aid members can vote to support in financial year 2022/2023.

16 Feb 2022

Games Aid appoints new trustees and opens charity nomination process

Games Aid has announced the appointment of both five new trustees to its board and the start of the selection process for the charities that the cause will back in the coming financial year.