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One day at Lifelites

Last week we had the pleasure of visiting Lifelites’ offices in London which, as you may already know, is one of the eight charities that we are supporting this year with the funds raised by the games industry over the past year. 

During the day we had the opportunity to learn more about the fantastic and important work they do for helping children that spend their short lives, or a large part of them, in hospices across the UK. The team told us how they provide hospices with tech kits and how they even train the staff to use the devices appropriately and explore their full potential. 

One of the devices we had the chance to try was “the magic carpet”. It’s a carpet  with different games and experiences that allow children with mobility limitations and other conditions to play and have fun. 

Image result for lifelites magic carpet

The other amazing device we tried was a system called Eye Gaze that allows people to paint and to do many other things, just with the movement of their eyes. This technology is a wonder for people that don’t have complete body movement.

iPads are also really helpful in hospices, Lifelites fill them with very useful applications that help children to communicate better with their carers or simply to have a good time.

Image result for lifelites eye gaze

 The work of Lifelites is extremely important. Many of the children that benefit from their tech kits are affected by a health condition that will not allow them to live long lives. With the children being able to play and spend time with their families, as well as the laughter and the creation of good memories, their day to day lives are made a whole lot easier thanks to the feeling of belonging that these devices can help create.

If you are interested in helping them or just want to know more about what they do, have a look at their website here.