Get Active For GamesAid

Get Active for GamesAid in January 2024 to help us raise money for fantastic childrens’ charities based across the country.

We’re calling on GamesAid members and supporters to get running, walking, swimming, cycling, climbing and much more to support Access Sport, AfK, Autistica, Game Therapy UK and Solving Kids’ Cancer with their life-changing missions.

Whether you want to do it solo, with a group or as a business, taking part is as easy as one, two, three.

Pick an active challenge that’s right for you.
Set up a JustGiving page, pick your target and link it to our Get Active for GamesAid challenge.
Get Active!

And to show you we mean business, George Osborn, GamesAid Co-Chair, is aiming to raise £500 for GamesAid by running 5k every day across January.

Ready to get involved? Get ready to Get Active for GamesAid by heading to JustGiving now.

Get Active for GamesAid: four tips for picking a challenge

We know it can be tough to pick a challenge that is right for you or for your group/business to take part in, so here are four tips from the GamesAid team to help you get going.

Choose between going solo or out with a group

One of the easiest ways to pick a challenge is to know whether you’re going to Get Active for GamesAid by yourself or with others.

Each has its own appeal. If you’re flying solo, you get to choose something that you really love to do but have to fundraise by yourself.

And if you’re doing it as a group, you have less of the fundraising legwork to do but you may have to pick an activity that’s more open to a wider group of people.

Both approaches are great but picking one will likely make it much easier to hone in on your challenge.

‘Challenging’ = a matter of your perspective