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Singing for their supper: Games On Song

GamesAid is delighted, excited and now looking forward to the first performance of the GamesAid Choir taking place on December 19th at St. Stephen’s, Rosslyn Hill, London.

Games On Song, the brainchild of Ian Chambers, IGN’s VP and Managing Director, Ian has gathered together nearly 25 people to lend their voices to what promises to be a memorable evening in an amazing venue.

Ian Chambers, comments, “What started as a dream in March is now becoming a reality. 24 people from the games industry, most of whom have never sung in a choir before will take centre stage in front of their family and industry peers on the 19th of December. Games On Song is already proving that singing can bring people together like nothing else.”

You can buy tickets for Game On Song with prices of £20 for an adult and £10 for under 16s and they are available from  All money will be going to GamesAid.

Games On Song is delighted to also have some awesome sponsors on board to help us add a further dash of Christmas with Christmas pies, mulled wine and a bulk order of mistletoe. EA, IGN, OnLive,  Mastertronic and SEGA are our heroes.

Get a ticket, get two, come along, get involved. It’s the new rock n roll

The GamesAid Choir members are.


Katie Brooks

Becca Roberts

Sophie Cristobal

Charlotte Simmons

Emily Britt

Jo Twist

Ombeline Wallon

Amada Farr

Tracie McGarrigan

Kirsty Payne

Ian Chambers

Rich Keen

Keith Ramsdale

Peter Oliver

Bruce Grove

Chris Marcus

Ian Livingstone

Harry Holmwood

Phil Brannelly

Rob Cooper

Andy Payne

John Clark

Paul Marcantonio

Bruce Grove