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Solving Kids Cancer – Teddy’s story

We come back one more week with a new post about one of our charities: Solving Kids Cancer UK. The charity fights for a future where no child of the childhood cancer neuroblastoma or suffers due to its treatment. They help the children and their families in many different ways:

  • Providing hope, information and support to families throughout their journeys
  • Facilitating access to treatment in partnership with clinician and researchers
  • Advancing science through investment and clinical research
  • Advocating for more effective and less toxic treatments

Teddy is one of those children Solving Kids Cancer are supporting:

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Being diagnosed with neuroblastoma

When Teddy was just 16 months old he became ill. He stopped crawling and his personality changed from lively and jolly to
fearful. Initially, doctors thought it was a virus, but in April 2018 a tumour was found in his stomach and he was diagnosed with
stage 4 high-risk neuroblastoma.

Starting treatment immediately
As well as identifying the mass in Teddy’s stomach, blood tests confirmed that Teddy was also extremely anemic and needed a blood transfusion straight away. Brave Teddy went through frontline treatment in the UK and endured a long list of treatments including 37 grueling rounds of chemotherapy, 14 rounds of radiotherapy and stem cell harvests.

Accessing treatment abroad
Teddy’s family was supported by Solving Kids’ Cancer to raise almost £300,000 for Teddy’s treatment. Thanks to donations, Teddy’s family flew to Barcelona in January 2019 to start immunotherapy at Hospital Sant Joan de Deu, to clear any last remaining neuroblastoma cells in his body. His end of treatment scans showed the fantastic news that Teddy has no evidence of disease! However, high-risk neuroblastoma has an extremely high relapse rate meaning that even after treatment the cancer could come back. Teddy’s family fundraised to be able to access a vaccine in New York at Memorial-Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre that they hope will reduce the chances of his cancer coming back and treatment started in June 2019. Teddy has just completed his penultimate trip to New York for the vaccine. However, he still must go through another year of scans to check the cancer has not returned. Teddy is now 3 years old, thriving at nursery and has just
become a big brother!