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Special Effect – Building a new controller for Alex

SpecialEffect is one of our supported charities in the 2019 cohort. They are specialists in helping physically disabled young people and children play video games and interact with technology. Often working alongside game developers for creating adapted control devices as well as making the games themselves more accessible.

Alex in his chair, smiling and playing video games

This week they shared the story of Alex, who was finding the buttons and joysticks on his standard Xbox One controller a bit too far apart to use because of his Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy.

“A PowerA mini 360 controller has done the trick, modified with low-force joysticks and buttons and accessorised with remapped external switches for the back buttons.

Great to be able to help Alex regain some extreme shooter smiles as he blasts through RAGE, his favourite!”

Donations and activities that help charities to fundraise money are crucial to keep doing this work and keep changing many lives. If you want more information about Special Effect, have a look at their website.