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Staying healthy in covid times

Life has changed very quickly in the last few weeks. We are living uncertain – and sometimes scary – times, but we have the power to face them with a positive attitude that helps us to keep living our lives as much normal as possible. Many people, organizations and companies have been posting very valuable content for coping better with staying at home for long periods. We want to do a small summary of good advice for helping you to stay healthy mentally and physically these days. 


1) Working from home

Many people are not habituated to work from home and establishing a daily plan for being productive can be a real challenge. Our friends from Check Point have written a very good article on tips for working from home for beginners. Sarah Crowe gives the following general keys: 

  • Structure your day and maintain your space
  • Maintain positive habits 
  • Keep your tech in check 
  • Stay social while social distancing 
  • Unwind after work 


2) Exercising 

Not everyone has lots of space at home for doing a big workout, but try to find a calming corner at home where you can work out a bit every day. If you don’t have a mat, a rug can help or even a shower towel. 

Bret Contreras posts daily a lot of Instagram stories showing people working out and working out from home. His training program does not require special equipment many times because it uses a lot of our own body weight. He is also the author of his own training program, specially designed for women to get strong. 

Yoga with Adriene is another channel that it’s worth to give it a try. You can find a lot of different sessions for starting or finishing your days in the best possible mood while you get fit! 


Our friends at Access Sport have also given amazing tips for working out at home through a video that you can watch here


3) Eating healthy

We know that these days it’s very tempting to just pour the ice cream in your pasta. It’s ok if you do that sometimes for coping. However, ideally, you will be eating well for the rest of the time! It’s also a good occasion for bringing out the Jamie Oliver that all of us have inside.  

Some great sites were you can find nice and healthy recipes: 

And for parents: 


4) Mental Health

Mental health is vulnerable while crises in general. Our behaviour immediately switches to survival, leading us to states of anxiety and fear. For overcoming these feelings – that are completely valid – here are some good activities: 

  • Try some yoga or a home workout 
  • Try cooking some healthy meals
  • Call and video call friends and family 
  • Do activities that make you feel good: watch films, draw, listen to music, read, play some games
  • Be patient with yourself 
  • Mindfulness 
  • Treat yourself 
  • Take care of your plants and your home

Our fantastic charity Autistica shared a guide for those who are experiencing anxiety in times of uncertainty with amazing advice not only for autistic people but for everyone. You can find it here


5) Nice games

There are lots of games that can help us a lot to cope during uncertain times. Some of them are:


We are all together in this. The most important thing is that you take a big breath and be aware that this is a temporary situation. It will pass but, in the meantime, we need to stay at home and keep good hygiene! 


For more tips and information, Mental Health UK has great posts accessible to everyone.