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Grand National sweepstake raises over £400

A big thanks to everyone who has taken part in David Walker’s Grand National Sweepstake and congratulations to Gareth Phillips from Gem Distribution who took first place, winning a £100 bet courtesy of

Runners up were Andy Payne,  Dave Noble and Amanda Farr who can each claim a SEGA game as their prize.

Following the success of the recent Cheltenham sweepstake, Honest Dave Walker was back on form on Saturday with a  cracking Grand National Sweepstake.

Entry cost punters just £10 per head via Honest Dave’s Just Giving Sweepstake page  and thanks to all who took part (see the full list below) you raised over £400 for deserving causes.

Well done and keep an eye out for more racing opportunities from Honest Dave in the near future!

GamesAid’s 2013 Grand National Sweepstake

Imperial Commander 7 Alex Cook
What A Friend 27 Indigo Pearl – Caz
Weird Al 10 Ed Leighton
Quel Esprit 31 Indigo Pearl – Alex
Big Fella Thanks 11 Richie Churchill
Seabass 15 Craig Hollis
Roberto Goldback 36 John Ward
Sunnyhillboy 18 Nick Davies
Ballabriggs 20 Pedro Gonzalez
Teaforthree 37  Dave Noble
Across The Bay 30 Indigo Pearl – Robbie
Join Together 21 David Walker
Colbert Station 3 Nadia Lawler
Forpadydeplasterer 8 Richard Howard
On His Own 29 Indigo Pearl – Danny
Joncol 9 Steve Key
Balthazar King 13 Martyn Newton
Cappa Bleu 16 Andy Payne
Oscar Time 19 Amanda Farr
Always Waining 40  Debbie Bestwick
Tatenen 32 Dean Barrett
Treacle 28 Indigo Pearl – Kirsty
Lost Glory 23 Lynda Biggs
Swing Bill 2 Michael Rotchell
Saint Are 5 David Knox
Chicago Grey 1 Sarah Head
Quiscover Fontaine 22 Sorrall Beadsworth
Rare Bob 26 Indigo Pearl – Olly
The Rainbow Hunter 33 Dean Barrett
Becauseicouldntsee 24 Carl Crook
Harry The Viking 39  Debbie Bestwick
Mr Moonshine 17 Andy Payne
Mumbles Head 35 Andy Vesey
Ninetieth Mniute 14 David Smith
Auroras Encore 6 Gareth Phillips
Tarquinius 4 Steve Merrett
Any Currency 25 Carl Crook
Major Malarkey 34 Gareth Evans
Soll 38  Dave Noble
Viking Blond 12 Dean Trotman