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The impact of charities & how you can help

During our busy daily lives, lots of times we are not aware of the immense work charities do, not only around the world but also in the UK. Thousands of people and their families have improved their lives thanks to the support of many professionals and volunteers contributing to this cause. 

In the case of our organization, GamesAid, we support charities focused on helping children and young people. Every year, we select through a voting process a number of small and medium charities with different purposes such as supporting children with limited life conditions, research around kids cancer or assistance to homeless young people. 

The impact that our charities have is enormous and their work, priceless. However, sometimes, we don’t know exactly what can we do as individuals apart from giving donations but there are so many possibilities: since having a swim, baking cakes and selling them, to running an event or organizing a charity games stream; or simply raise funds through your hobby!

We are always open to listen to people that want to help and we encourage you to drop us a line in case you have an awesome idea for contributing to our work and give us the possibility of keep helping amazing and very much necessary charities.