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#ShareAStory: Troy and Lifelites

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Lifelites is a UK charity that donates specialist assistive technology packages to over 10,000 children and young people with life-limiting, life-threatening and disabling conditions using every one of the 60 children’s hospice services throughout the British Isles. All the equipment that Lifelites donates to these hospices is paid entirely through donations. 

Many of these children haven’t seen their lives change that much in the current situation as they need to spend long periods in hospices to get treatment. Thanks to the technology that Lifelites bring to hospitals, their quality of life improves considerably as well as they are able to enjoy new experiences otherwise impossible to them. Lifelites’ work is vital to keep filling the gap and help to create a more diverse and empathetic world. 

Troy is one of the children supported by Lifelites. He has Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 2 which is a genetic muscular disorder that affects the nerve cell that controls voluntary muscles. He relies on parents and carers for all moving/handling and personal care. Troy can communicate well and is able to see and for moving, he uses an electric wheelchair so he is able to get around independently. 

A PS4 controller, linked to his wheelchair, allows him to move around in his wheelchair. He also uses an Xbox controller to play games but he is unable to use certain buttons and he needs extra support. 

Technology makes Troy’s life so much easier. One of the best times for Troy was the day he could bake cupcakes for his family. Her carer at the hospice tells: 

Troy came up with an amazing idea of wanting to make Oreo cupcakes for himself and his family. The cooking day came and Troy was super excited. He was up and ready waiting to make cakes. Troy loved being able to be in control of the mixer and telling us what was next to put into the bowl. When we made the final dozen of cakes he called his family on their mobiles to come into the kitchen. His family was amazed by the cakes that he made and enjoyed eating every single one of them! Troy was really proud of himself also.

From this day on he wants to cook every week!” 

This day was possible thanks to a piece of equipment called click-on-plus. 

Troy is a boy that loves his xbox playing and talking with friends. Introducing Click-on to Troy has made a huge impact. Troy now plans his next cooking session with us before we even walk through the door and complete the cooking session we had planned that day! It gives him the opportunity to be in charge and have control in the cooking activities we do. Troy is now always in the kitchen and enjoys everything he makes. Troy communicates well and is always talking, singing and joking around with us. This cooking session also gives Troy the opportunity to talk to us if he has anything on his mind. I see this as kind of a therapy session.”

If you want to know more about Lifelites, you can visit their website