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Games Aid appoints new trustees and opens charity nomination process

Games Aid has announced the appointment of both five new trustees to its board and the start of the selection process for the charities that the cause will back in the coming financial year.

As part of efforts to drive forward Games Aid’s fundraising for the coming years, the charity has appointed the following individuals to serve on the board following a vote amongst the existing trustees.

  • Nick Allan (Head of Interactive Entertainment and Legal Director, Lewis Silkin)

  • Alex Moyet (Brand Director, Penguin Random House)

  • David Ortiz (Chief Operating Officer, ICO Partners)

  • Fernando Rizo (Founder and CEO, Modern Wolf)

  • Sara Veal (Workplace Experience Manager, Uplift Games)

In addition to the appointment of the new trustees, Games Aid is also commencing a refreshed charity selection process that begins today.

As with previous years, Games Aid members will be invited to nominate charities that support young people, which have a turnover of less than £3m and spend less than 30% of running costs on administration.

Those that meet the criteria will then be invited to participate in an election process, due to take place in Spring 2022, to determine which five causes the charity will back.

However, in a change to the process, selected charities will be backed for the whole of the forthcoming financial year - receiving both funds from the money raised by Games Aids supporters at the end of the year and access to the charity’s industry network.

“We’re pleased to welcome on board a fantastic range of new trustees,” said Terry Haynes, Co-Chair of Games Aid. “Their wealth of experience in both a range of disciplines and the industry will provide valuable fresh energy to the charity as we look to do as much good as possible for great causes across the country.”

“The commencement of our refreshed charity nomination process is an important moment for both Games Aid and the causes it backs,” commented George Osborn, Co-Chair of Games Aid.

“We believe that selecting causes in advance, rather than at the end of the financial year, will provide greater support for the charities selected and give the industry extra confidence that the causes it cares for are receiving the best backing from the industry charity.”

Games Aid members - defined as people working within the UK Games Industry or studying within a relevant academic institution - able to nominate charities for selection until Monday 7th March.

People who wish to become members of Games Aid can sign up here. Members who wish to nominate a charity, or charities who wish to put themselves forwards for consideration for funding, can do so here. Those seeking more information about Games Aid’s charity selection process can discover more here.

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