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The games industry charity raising money for other UK charities working with children and young people.

Our Mission

The games industry is a young industry full of energetic and enthusiastic people bursting with ideas and creativity, Games Aid seeks to harness the talents and energy of our industry to get out and raise money for great causes.

We are always looking for new ideas and new members to join our ever-growing membership to help us to improve the lives of the many young people who need support.

Games Aid acts as a collective for charitable activity on behalf of the industry, taking advice from all sectors. It is a non-trading body. The charity is administered by Trustees, who operate on a fixed-term basis. It is formally run by a Chair, who is also on a fixed term.


GamesAid Go Karting Championship 2023 

Games Aid is an umbrella charity raising money for a number of charities who support children and young people. Each year our members will nominate charities that they wish us to support and then the membership will vote on who should receive the funds that we raise.

Learn more about the charities of 2022/2023

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