Charity Elections 2024

Voting is now open!

If you have signed up to be a GamesAid member you you will receive an email calling you to vote.

The charities on the ballot are as follows:

Safe In Our World | Gamers Beat Cancer | Everyone Can | Momentum Children’s Charity | Esports Youth Club | AFK (Action For Kids) – Working With Disability | Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity | Lifelites | Tree of Hope | Become | The Clock Tower Sanctuary | Game Therapy UK | Autistica | Solving Kids’ Cancer UK | Access Sport CIO | MAPS


What is GamesAid?

GamesAid is an umbrella charity founded by the UK video games industry that fundraises and supports for an assortment of causes across the country on behalf of the sector.

Run by a board of voluntary trustees, GamesAid is also a membership organisation – allowing people in the UK games industry (employees, freelancers or attendees of relevant academic causes/institutions) to both participate in fundraising events and to take part in selecting and electing the causes for support each year.

Phase 4

Voting is open!

How does GamesAid’s selection process work?

Each year, GamesAid runs an election process with its membership to identify a range of causes the industry wishes to back.

This year, GamesAid will be selecting five charities to support on behalf of the industry between April 2024 and April 2025.

As well as raising funds for those causes, GamesAid will also be providing direct support to each charity selected to help it engage successfully with the sector and to provide support throughout the year for their cause.

Nominations for charities will open , with the election set to take place in April to determine the causes we will support.

Which types of charities do GamesAid support?

GamesAid supports a range of charities helping young people, especially those who are vulnerable or disadvantaged, in a number of different ways.

This could range from medical support, to enabling social mobility, to offering pastoral care, to supporting individuals with disabilities or conditions, to providing access to community services , to enabling better mental health in the community and much more.

GamesAid operates on an inclusive basis and adopts a positive approach to allowing a range of charities into the election. We therefore encourage charities to build connections with industry to get nominated.

How does the election work?

All charities that are successfully nominated and meet the eligibility criteria will be entered into a ballot of the GamesAid membership.

Each member will be allowed to select five charities on the ballot paper, which will be distributed through Choice Voting’s electronic voting platform. 

The election will be conducted on a first past the post basis, with the five top causes securing the support of the charity for the coming year.

In the case of a tie, the GamesAid trustees will vote on whether to support additional causes.

I have a question about the process/I need help with the process.

Please email Lily Rimington at for more information.